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How Bloom Collective helps to make science cool again, one post at a time

The Breakthrough Prizes are awarded yearly in recognition of scientific advances in the areas of Fundamental Physics, Mathematics and Life Sciences. Sometimes referred to as "the Oscars of science," their annual red carpet awards gala draws a Who's Who of Hollywood, Silicon Valley and science. The founders are among some of the biggest names in tech – Yuri and Julia Milner, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, and Anne Wojcicki. Bloom Collective is proud to call Breakthrough one of our clients.

Have you ever tried to communicate an extremely complex idea in a simple and eloquent way? If so, you'll probably understand the struggle of science communicators. Science is beautiful. It explains who we are and how we got here. It helps us cure disease and enables us to live longer and healthier lives. It has given us every piece of technology ever invented. But in all its splendor, science has a hitch for mass consuption – it can also be very difficult to understand and explain.

One of Breakthrough's guiding tenets is to try to "repopularize" science. It is said that in Einstien's day, scientists were celebrated as rock stars – everyone knew Einstein just like now everyone knows Kendrck Lamar. Fast forward to today and try to ask a millenial to name one scientist and watch their eyes glaze over. Breakthrough aims to fix this, and Bloom Collective aims to help.

Client services:
  • Custom content workflow design
  • Content planning and strategy
  • Content resarch
  • Daily content updates
  • Content calendar management
  • Channel management

Advanced Content Theory, Explained

Working with Breakthrough, Bloom Collective has had to become science communicators in our own right. It has been a journey both challenging and enlightening, and one we are very proud of. And while we're still a few degrees short of a PhD, we’ve had the opportunity to create some truly engaging science content along the way.

Each month we handle Breakthrough's social media content from planning and research to proudction and posting. The process starts with our research team, who scours the interwebs for science-related content based mostly around physics, mathematics, life sciences and laureate news. In addition, each month we also create custom content based around agreed content pillars. Our team then puts together a monthly content budget, which is pitched to breakthough.

Once the monthly content is agreed, Bloom Collective goes in to production mode – creating our custom content animations, newsers and posters. All of this content is then drafted, and sent to Breakthrough for approval. After that, any necessary adjustments are made, and the content is scheduled. Typically, we are able complete around 85-90% of Breakthrough's monthly content before the month even begins. This gives us more freedom to create content on demand as the calendar month progresses.

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